Psychologische Astrologie   

Psychological Astrology


„We are born at a given moment in a given place and have - like the vintage of a wine - the quality of the year and season in which we come into the world. Nothing more and nothing less is claimed by astrology.“

- Carl Gustav Jung -

Astrology is an approximately 5000 year old  figurative language which discribes the quality of a specific time. The image of the luminary constellation at that moment is called horoscope and represents an illustration of individual nature and potential. Resembling a clock that indicates the course of time without being its source, luminaries and signs of the zodiac solely point to certain attributes without effecting them.


From the perspective of a contemporal psychologically oriented astrology the character sketch results from unbiased interpretation and is not underlied by deterministic structures. The emphasis is put on individual responsibility and freedom of decision, therefore a comprehensively interpreted horoscope can be considered as a valuable resource in terms of self-awareness and constructive personality development.