Psychologische Astrologie   

Astrological Personality Analysis


„The stars dispose, they do not force.“

- Thomas von Aquin -

The radix is a symbolic figure, which illustrates the constellation of the luminaries at the accurate time of birth in relation to the birthplace. It describes available potentials, which could be unfolded over the course of life.

A natal chart can be compared to a city map. However, like the map does not make the city, the chart does not make the person. A city map displays routes and provides orientation, whereby the individual faces the choice of which path to tread. On closer consideration there usually are various routes leading to a certain destination. Furthermore, many an impasse may be detectable and therefore avoidable.


The astrological personality analysis is able to serve as guidance by revealing options and inclinations. Moreover it allows a constructive handling of potentials and possible challenges.