Psychologische Astrologie   

Declarative Limits of Astrology


„In consideration of declarative limits and in conformity with our other knowledge it has to be emphasised that the astrological figure can solely display predispositions, not developed traits - only tendencies, not definite events. Within given bounds, the possibilities are as infinite as life in all its facets.“

- Thomas Ring -

In terms of a contemporary revision of the predominantly deterministically and prognostically oriented traditional astrology, astrological interpretations are confined to distinct declarative limits.

Accordingly, a horoscope cannot reveal any information about the following issues:

  • Genetic endowment
  • Descent and socialisation
  • Environment and sociocultural setting
  • Ethnic and religious affiliation
  • Individual stage of development
  • Level of intelligence
  • Health disposition
  • Physical and mental impairments
  • Lifespan
  • Level of prosperity
  • Contentment and quality of life
  • Ethical and moral standards